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Castiel had spent enough time as a human to lose a lot of his childish naivety, and as such, he knew that very little of all this had come straight from Dean. He and Sam were far less subtle than they thought they were – he had heard a lot of their conversations – and as such he knew that it had been Sam who had put the idea of marriage into his older brother’s head. He also knew, again thanks to the Winchesters’ complete lack of subtlety, that it had been Sam and Bobby who had organised most of the arrangements for the ‘big day’ (if a wedding that consisted of the happy couple and two guests could be considered big). Still, Dean had agreed. Dean had gone to the effort of proposing – twice – and had seen the whole thing through with an honest smile on his face. Dean cared little for religion, even now, and Castiel appreciated that. But even more, he appreciated that Dean would still propose, still trail the length and breadth of America to find a church that would marry a same-sex couple. It meant an incredible amount to him, and Castiel knew then for sure that he had Fallen for all the right reasons.

Sam had managed to book them into a posh hotel, the night after their wedding. The room was incredibly plush, with a bed big enough for five and a bathtub big enough for twice that, and Cas found it very easy to imagine just what they would be getting up to in both, before the night was out. But, before lust destroyed Dean’s higher mental faculties, Castiel knew he had things he had to say.

“Dean,” he sighed out the name, wrapping his arms around his new husband where he stood in the centre of the room, eyes wide as he tried to drink in every detail. “Thank you.”

Dean laughed, resting his head back on Castiel’s shoulder. “What for? You’re the one who agreed to marrying me.”

“Yes. But you did not have to ask.” Months after his Fall, Castiel was still struggling to get a good grip on a human way of speaking, still got a near-constant ribbing from his lover and his family for his overly formal turn of phrase. Still, he thought he had at least gotten a little more casual.

“I know that religion has never been important to you. That you don’t need God’s blessing on our relationship. So it means a lot, to me, that you would still seek it. For my sake.”

“Hey. Dude. I love you. You know that. ‘s the least I could do.”

Pulling Dean closer to his chest, Castiel laughed loudly against his lover’s ear before pressing a kiss to his cheek. “Least you could do? Romantic as ever, Dean.”

“Yeah, I thought so,” Dean smirked, twisting himself without warning in his husband’s arm so that they could hold each other, chest-to-chest. The grin remained a moment longer, before he was leaning into the first kiss of many that would come that evening, arms wrapping tight around Castiel in a passionate embrace.

Castiel knew Dean was not good with words, especially when it came to talk of love and romance, but the kiss and the way he held him was proof enough of his devotion. They were married, blessed by his Father, and they had the rest of their lives together. Heart soaring with joy, he kissed Dean back and, with a happy sigh, lost himself to the other man’s love.
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The first week of life as a human was far too hectic for Castiel’s subconscious to really kick in; he went through the motions in a haze of new experiences, not really thinking about anything very much, happy to marvel in the newness of everything. But, after a week or so, things began to settle. He started to know what food he liked (anything that involved chocolate) and disliked (bananas were right out). He understood, at least in part, how to interact with Sam and with Bobby, and most of all with Dean. He became able to dress himself in his new clothes, and everything just seemed to plateau.

That was when he really began to think, not about human coordination and social skills, but about him. What he had been through, what it meant. He tried to remember being an angel, and realised for the first time just how quickly he was losing his memories. He knew it was bound to happen - Anna, after all, had had no idea she had been a fallen angel – but he was still not prepared for it. Although he knew he, unlike Anna, would always remember what he had been – the scars on his back and the handprint on Dean’s arm enough to guarantee that much – he was started to realise just how quickly he was forgetting the details. His brothers’ names were eluding him, at least for the most part, and the scriptures he used to be able to recite in every known language were fuzzy in the back of his mind.

He also became far more aware of his mortality, not helped by his attempts to help Bobby and Sam cook ending in a nasty knife cut to the palm of his hand. He had stared at the bloody wound for a long time, considering the pain and deciding he did not care for it at all. And, although he knew he would always choose a mortal life at Dean’s side over any other possible alternative, he began to find himself missing the safe comfort of his old Father’s embrace.

That revelation heralded the beginning of the nightmares. At first, they were too vague to cause him much distress: just dark figures and a general feeling of unease, but whilst he woke tense and confused, he found the feelings easy enough to shake off. Within the week, however, the dreams had taken full form, and he was being assaulted nightly by vivid re-enactments of his fall; his wings being torn from his back, his brother Uriel standing and sneering at him, being made to feel like one of Hell’s inhabitants in the eyes of those he had once loved.

Still, he tried to hide his private fears from Dean, did not want to cause him guilt. After all, Castiel knew that he would suffer far worse to be with the man. Dean did not need to know the particulars of the fallen angel’s suffering.

He supposed, in the end, he must just have become sloppy. One particularly vivid nightmare, the pain of his Fall so vivid he was near-convinced it was happening all over again, and next thing he knew he was shaking and sniffling in Dean’s arms, being rocked and hushed like an infant.

“Go back to sleep,” he heard himself beg of Dean, though the words held little conviction. His partner’s laugh confirmed that his request was falling on deaf ears.

“Tell me what you saw.”

Castiel just shook his head, immediately hating his hypocritical behaviour. He still remembered asking the same questions of Dean, back when he had still been an angel, as well as suggesting to Sam that he probed into his brother’s dreams and memories. He knew he should talk, but apparently that was a far harder thing to do when you were the dreamer.

“Please, Cas.”

“I... My Fall.” He said, simply, head dropping to Dean’s shoulder as he sniffed back tears. The tension he felt in his lover’s muscles confirmed to him that he had been right; Dean felt guilty.

“Cas, ‘m sorry...”

“Please, don’t be. It was my choice. I do not want you to suffer because of it.”

“I just want you to be happy...”

“I am.” The two words were said with an extreme vehemence, Castiel determined to prove to Dean that he regretted nothing, that he was right where he wanted to be. Sighing, he continued in a calmer tone. “Falling is... horrible, Dean. I doubt you can comprehend pain like it. It is not an experience I would wish on anybody. But I chose to suffer it, so that we could be together. So that I could be happy, feel happiness, with you. And I would do it again without thought. The dreams will pass.”


“No, Dean. No ‘still’. I love you.”

Dean sighed, sensing an argument he was not going to win. “I love you too, Cas.” He promised, resting back on the bed and closing his eyes.

Curling close into his partner’s warm arms, Castiel rested his head against Dean’s chest, eyes closing as he listened to the steady beat of the other man’s heart. This was what he Fell for, this warmth and closeness and love, and if a few sleepless nights were all he had to pay for this contentment? He would pay that gladly.
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Castiel had not set foot on earth for many years. He had had no need, not since Lilith had been slain and Lucifer had been safely put back in the bowels of Hell. But he had continued to watch Dean when he had a chance, had felt responsible for him in a strange way. It was as Uriel had said, so long ago in human terms – he had a weakness, he liked the man.

Still, he had not watched enough. He had not seen Dean trapped by a pair of Hell’s viler inmates, cornered and alone. By the time he had seen, the hunter was already broken beyond repair, and there was nothing he could do other than carry the man home. To his wife and daughter.

Faith had been, understandably, distraught. Castiel had heard her, time and again, tell her husband he was too old to hunt. That he should follow his brother’s lead and settle down with his family. And now he had the job of carrying her lover’s broken body home for the last time.

“I am... sorry, Faith,” he told her as they stood at Dean’s bedside, watched the irregular rise and fall of his chest. He did not know whether she had heard him or not, and so he stood silently at her side, slumped awkwardly in his human form. When Sam and Mary arrived, he moved himself silently from the bedroom into the lounge, and from there he took to his wings. Flying, silent and invisible, back to the bedroom, he watched from above as Dean took his final breaths, his family around him.

The hunter’s soul, as it left its physical body behind, was bright almost to the point of angelic. It flew straight to Castiel, its guardian angel in the afterlife as well as when it had still resided in the body of Dean Winchester. Castiel bid it to wait, before quietly revealing himself once more to the mourners. “Faith,” he spoke, taking her by the hand and guiding her silently from the room.

Outside, in the lounge, he looked long and deep into her devastated eyes. He would not see her again, had no more ties to this plane of existence now that Dean had passed, but he felt he should leave her with at least some sort of hope.

“I will not see you again,” he told her, human hand brushing away some of her tears. “But I am bound to Dean. I will deliver him safe to Heaven’s gates, I give you my word on that. He is at rest now, and happy. And he will be waiting for you, when your time comes. You will be together again.”

Again, he looked deep into her eyes, looking for some sign that she had heard him, that she had understood through the haze of grief that clouded her mind. And there it was, deep in her soul, that flicker of hope. That knowledge that, although it hurt now, things would get better. That she would be reunited with her husband, one day.

Stepping closer, Castiel wrapped both arms of his human vessel around her, and she fell easily against him. He held her there until he could feel her soul strengthen, feel her resolve set. Only then did he step back and, with one final lingering look, take to his wings to make good on his promise.

He delivered Dean Winchester to Heaven, where he and Faith would one day be reunited for all eternity.
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He is not allowed to interfere. It is the first rule of his kind; he is a messenger of God, not God himself. Godly powers do not God make. He must only observe, and help only where instructed to do so. He must not grant prayers, not unless given explicit permission. It’s a hard standard to live by, and he supposes it is why angels who are sent to Earth tend to, ultimately, fall. There is too much suffering to observe without feeling it, in some way. Too much pain to go untreated. And too many wonderful individuals to grow attached to, attached in a way that is expressly forbidden.

Dean Winchester and his family – both by blood and emotion – will doubtless be Castiel’s downfall. He had been strong, for so many years. Been passive, and done only as ordered. But then he was assigned to Dean, ordered to drag him from the very bowels of Hell, and their destinies became indefinitely intertwined.

But now the War is over. Lucifer is still locked safely away, the power of good triumphing again over evil. But there is no war without casualties, and this is no exception. The battlefield around Lilith’s 66th chosen seal is littered with bodies, with blood dried black and earth scorched with demonic energy. And in the centre of it all, there gathers the family that Castiel is no longer a part of. His duty is done, the world saved at the hands of the Winchesters under his guidance, but he cannot leave. Not yet. Not now.

He walks closer, when he should walk away.

He looks first to Dean, sat alone with eyes wide with shock, body burnt out from months of waiting. And then he turns to Samuel, sat with eyes red-rimmed with tears, clutching the demon Ruby’s body to him.

Ruby, the demon who had saved them all. Who had taken the sword - more powerful than even the Colt - meant for Dean, so that he could continue to fight at his brother’s side, lend him the strength to finally exorcise Lilith once and for all. They are all sat here now because of the demon dying in the human’s arms.

“Please.” Sam has noticed him, and Castiel no longer has an opportunity for escape. “Please, help her. You cannot let her die, not now. Not for this.”

The angel turns to regard the elder brother again, sees the same plea in his eyes, even if he is still too shellshocked to speak out loud. And he knows then, that he must grant this prayer. It might be the end of him, he cannot be certain, but he knows he could not ever forgive himself for leaving Ruby’s soul to Hell after all she has done.

He kneels silently at Sam’s side, wordlessly taking the dying body into his own arms and holding her close. His cool palm presses to her clammy forehead, and her eyes immediately snap open and fill with black; an instinctual demonic reaction to an angel’s touch. And yet, Castiel does not turn back. He hushes her instead, keeps his touch gentle yet steady until her eyes fall closed and she relaxes against him. That is when he concentrates on his power, summons every last ounce of his angelic strength to cleanse this wounded body.

He does not know how long it takes. Maybe it is a minute, or maybe it is an hour. But eventually, the body in his arms begins to squirm from him, and he lets her go. Sam takes her immediately back into his own arms, watching and waiting for her eyes to open.

What happens next is not Castiel’s to see. He has broken too many angelic laws, and must fly to face the consequences. He whispers his blessing - “Fare well, my children. We will meet again, one day” – and then he is gone up to Heaven. He wishes he could have stayed longer, seen Ruby’s face when she realised what he had done, seen her live again as a human, but that is not his place. He has given her her second chance, and now can only pray that she uses it well.


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