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Considering this journal's friends list has practically doubled over the last few weeks, thanks to Irony verse, and with the Irony community now officially open, I felt I should mention a couple of things before I accidentally offend anybody.

1. I am British. I know that the majority of players in Irony!verse are from US timezones. This means that I am at least 5 hours ahead of you. So, when it gets to the evening for you, I'm most likely fast asleep. Therefore, if it takes me a long time to reply to threads, it's not because I'm slow or not interested. It's because of the timezone.

2. On a related note, I am a final year undergrad student who is rapidly approaching finals. This means I am treating studying like a full-time job right now, and am really only going to be available for RP evenings and weekends. I am sorry, I know this gives you a very narrow time band to catch me. But... RL has to come first. University is over, forever, come June 1st. That's only a little over a month away.

So, in summary. I'm not around all that much, through no fault of my own. It will get better, come Summer. I thank you in advance for your patience, and please don't think I'm ignoring you. However, if you really think I am ignoring a thread, it's more that likely I've accidentally deleted the notification. PM or IM me and I will apologise profusely and get on it asap :P


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