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Feb. 12th, 2009 06:34 pm
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Castiel had spent enough time as a human to lose a lot of his childish naivety, and as such, he knew that very little of all this had come straight from Dean. He and Sam were far less subtle than they thought they were – he had heard a lot of their conversations – and as such he knew that it had been Sam who had put the idea of marriage into his older brother’s head. He also knew, again thanks to the Winchesters’ complete lack of subtlety, that it had been Sam and Bobby who had organised most of the arrangements for the ‘big day’ (if a wedding that consisted of the happy couple and two guests could be considered big). Still, Dean had agreed. Dean had gone to the effort of proposing – twice – and had seen the whole thing through with an honest smile on his face. Dean cared little for religion, even now, and Castiel appreciated that. But even more, he appreciated that Dean would still propose, still trail the length and breadth of America to find a church that would marry a same-sex couple. It meant an incredible amount to him, and Castiel knew then for sure that he had Fallen for all the right reasons.

Sam had managed to book them into a posh hotel, the night after their wedding. The room was incredibly plush, with a bed big enough for five and a bathtub big enough for twice that, and Cas found it very easy to imagine just what they would be getting up to in both, before the night was out. But, before lust destroyed Dean’s higher mental faculties, Castiel knew he had things he had to say.

“Dean,” he sighed out the name, wrapping his arms around his new husband where he stood in the centre of the room, eyes wide as he tried to drink in every detail. “Thank you.”

Dean laughed, resting his head back on Castiel’s shoulder. “What for? You’re the one who agreed to marrying me.”

“Yes. But you did not have to ask.” Months after his Fall, Castiel was still struggling to get a good grip on a human way of speaking, still got a near-constant ribbing from his lover and his family for his overly formal turn of phrase. Still, he thought he had at least gotten a little more casual.

“I know that religion has never been important to you. That you don’t need God’s blessing on our relationship. So it means a lot, to me, that you would still seek it. For my sake.”

“Hey. Dude. I love you. You know that. ‘s the least I could do.”

Pulling Dean closer to his chest, Castiel laughed loudly against his lover’s ear before pressing a kiss to his cheek. “Least you could do? Romantic as ever, Dean.”

“Yeah, I thought so,” Dean smirked, twisting himself without warning in his husband’s arm so that they could hold each other, chest-to-chest. The grin remained a moment longer, before he was leaning into the first kiss of many that would come that evening, arms wrapping tight around Castiel in a passionate embrace.

Castiel knew Dean was not good with words, especially when it came to talk of love and romance, but the kiss and the way he held him was proof enough of his devotion. They were married, blessed by his Father, and they had the rest of their lives together. Heart soaring with joy, he kissed Dean back and, with a happy sigh, lost himself to the other man’s love.
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